Executive Bomb


To avoid sabotage by a company submitting mis-leading or false details, entries to the database are added on top of those already within the database.

The most recent entries will be displayed first, but ALL entries will be displayed.

Entries will only be removed if they are confirmed to be so far outdated that they are little use to anyone. If you are 100% sure that information in the database is incorrect then you can email us using the address on the contact page.

This ensures that any falsely submitted details (we can't confirm them all) will not overwrite any other details about the same company.

We can't be responsible for any details within the database of executivebomb.com as they are submitted by users and only transferred after confirmation that the information is 'of substance'. We encourage you to consider confirming the details within the search results.

Remember, Executive Email Carpet Bombs should be used as a last resort. It's a useful tool in the fight for consumers and should be used after exhausting all other avenues to ensure it stays as strong a tool as it currently is.

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